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Professional mobile applications

Could it be like being on the home screen of your customers’ phone? Reaching your brand, products / services and news is only 1 touch away. Your campaigns fall on their phones as instant notifications. There is no way they can’t see.

Mobile applications are radically changing the interaction of you and your customers.

What does Pronotron offer in mobile applications?

  • Easy maintenance: Until 2017, we had to develop software separately for Android, IOS and Windows Phone. Our current preference is to use React Native technology, so there is no need to develop software separately between platforms. Mobile applications need frequent development and maintenance
  • Originality: No work is like any other, it is unique to your brand

Our lives will be facilitated by a myriad of adaptive applications running on different devices, with different sensors, all of them collecting tidbits about everything we do, and feeding big digital brains that can adapt applications to our needs simply because they get to know us.

Márcio Cyrillo, Executive Director at CI&T