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There is a difference between having an e-commerce site and having a selling e-commerce site

E-commerce has also changed the way businesses evolve and is now at the forefront of all digital technologies with the development of digital media.

Your brand may be responding well on the pitch, but the dynamics of digital are different. Can you believe that using the “key icon” in an e-commerce site increases sales? Just a padlock image!

Even if you have a known, reliable brand, your customers do not want to use credit cards on your site. So what are the things that distinguish a good e-commerce site from others?

  • Is it visually better than its competitors?
  • Does it run fast, error-free?
  • Is mobile use good?
  • Is its performance in search results good?
  • Does it give confidence?

Success criteria in e-commerce systems: Having sales

E-commerce has grown into one of the biggest and most loved industries ever. The era of purchasing things from an unknown source that has never been announced has ended. Now millions of goods and services are waiting inside your smartphone to be purchased.

Do you know that the value of being on the first page of the word “men’s shoes” is about 1 million TL today? This figure varies according to how high you apply the components that make up e-commerce. Quality between agencies is determined successfully with this.

You can’t just open an e-commerce site and expect sales. If you really want to be successful, you have to generate traffic.

Joel Anderson, Walmart CEO